Pistol in false leg

A 9mm pistol was found inside a man's prosthetic leg.

Police recovered a 9mm pistol, with the serial number filed off, from inside a man’s prosthetic leg, on Friday June 3, at about 9pm.

Warrant Officer Keith Chandler of Diep River police said a Combat Force patroller noticed a grey Mercedes Benz, with four men inside, at a shop in Plumstead which was about to close.

“The Mercedes was circling outside the shop,” Warrant Officer Chandler said.

The patroller alerted police on the community radio.

“The vehicle was pulled over and all four occupants were searched,” Warrant Officer Chandler said.

“The driver had a prosthetic leg and inside the leg, officers found hidden a 9mm pistol with the serial number filled off,” he said. The gun was confiscated and sent away for a ballistic analysis.

Another of the car’s occupants was wanted for armed robbery and murder. Police suspect that the men intended to rob the shop. They were detained at Diep River police station for further investigation.

Anyone with information can contact Detective Sergeant Arnold Bosch at 021 710 7360.

* In the early hours of Saturday June 4, police and traffic officers arrested 27 people at a road block in Main Road. One person was arrested for driving a stolen motorbike and 26 people for drunk driving. “Traffic officers had a zero tolerance operation and the result was alarming,” Warrant Officer Chandler said.

“SAPS Diep River welcomes the joint forces fight against crime and wishes to thank all traffic officers involved in their fantastic work,” he said.