Plumstead man killed in Newlands M3 crash

Rescue workers used the jaws of life to free the driver of this Mazda bakkie, which crashed into trees on the M3 early on Sunday. The driver was declared dead at the scene.

A 36-year-old Plumstead man died after his bakkie hit two trees on the side of the M3, in Newlands, in the early hours of Sunday.

Rescue workers used the jaws of life to free the single occupant from the wreck of the white Mazda BT-50 bakkie, police say.

“The deceased’s mother was also present at the scene,” said Claremont police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Marnus Fourie.

ER24 spokesman Ross Campbell said their paramedics arrived at 1.20am along with the City’s Fire and Rescue, Metro EMS, Metro Rescue and the police.

“The man was found entrapped in his vehicle in a critical condition. Advanced life support interventions were administered while the patient was still being extracted, but his condition deteriorated,” he said.

A further resuscitation attempt was made once the man was freed from the wreck, but he succumbed to his multiple injuries and was declared dead on the scene.

Fire and Rescue spokesman Jermaine Carelse said Wynberg and Ottery stations had responded. “The man was declared dead at approximately 2.15am.”