Police set up imbizo, not CPF

Ian Mouton, chairperson, Kirstenhof Community Police Forum and Sandy Graham, treasurer, Kirstenhof CPF

Regarding the article “Poor turn-out at police imbizo”, Bulletin, June 16, the Kirstenhof Community Police Forum (CPF) would like to respond to this.

Although the heading was completely correct, it was incorrectly stated in the columns that this was a CPF imbizo.

Due to the poor turnout no meeting took place, and, information for this article was taken from a discussion between police management present and Sandra Graham, the CPF treasurer.

It is important to note that the Kirstenhof CPF does not have a role in setting up street committees. This is a police function and the police on three occasions have set up meetings and imbizos for the Westlake community to inform them in this regard to assist with crime prevention.

This is not and has never been a CPF function.

The CPF has attended meetings and imbizos requested by the police, to provide support and assistance where possible.

The incorrect advertising of this event as being a CPF imbizo in the previous Bulletin of June 9 is believed to have contributed to this mistake and is regretted.