Pollsmoor prisoners threaten newcomers

130923. Cape Town. Pollsmoor Prison maximum security. Picture Henk Kruger/Cape Argus

Pollsmoor prisoners are tricking new inmates into giving them their families’ phone numbers to extort money from them.

Pollsmoor spokesman Lewies Davids says prison management has had reports of
people getting anonymous threatening calls from offenders.

Prisoners have a right to a phone call after they’re detained but, according to Mr Davids, some offenders are exploiting that to get newcomers to unwittingly give them their families’ phone numbers.

They offer the unsuspecting newcomer an “unauthorised” cellphone telling them they can make their call on it instead of the prison landline it should be made from.

The cellphone stores the number, which the other offender then calls to demand money.

Mr Davids warned offenders’ families that official calls
from the prison would come from a landline, not a cellphone. “Correctional Centre Admissions office will phone you from a landline to inform you where the offender is incarcerated and if he/she has bail or a fine that needs to be

For more information, call the prison at 021 700 1170.

* Police arrested three men after a cellphone shop in Station Road Wynberg was
robbed on Wednesday December 23.

According to Captain Silvino Davids, of Wynberg SAPS, police on patrol noticed a car with a covered number plate speeding from the scene. They pursued the car to Samora Machel
where they arrested the sus-
pects and seized cash and cellphones.

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