Post office closures cause confusion

Some members of the public are confused about where to get their post following a series of post office closures.

A series of post office closures has left some members of the public confused about where to collect their mail.

When Plumstead resident Anton Poplett posted a message, saying, “What’s happened to the Plumstead post office?” in the Plumstead Community Facebook Group, it drew plenty of questions and comments.

While the Plumstead post office has been closed since Thursday September 22, the post office at Blue Route Mall, also referred to as Tokai post office, closed at the end of October. Meanwhile Constantia’s post office has been closed since June of last year.

According to SA Post Office spokesman Johan Kruger, Plumstead and Constantia’s post is now available at Wynberg post office, and Tokai’s post can be found at the Retreat post office.

Responding to Mr Poplett’s question, Dee Manwaring referred to the new location to pick up post as a “very dodgy area and also rundown in Wynberg”.

Margie van Zyl Chapman said in her response that customers would have to navigate a bad road and potholes to reach the Wynberg post office.

Those thinking of forwarding their post to another address or post office can do so for a fee. According to the SA Post Office website, an application for a change of address or redirection of mail must be made in writing on the relevant form, which is available from all post offices. The application can only be made by the registered postbox holder or the head of the family on behalf of his/her household.

The cost of a redirection of mail ranges from R85 for a month up to R1040 for a year.

Call the Retreat post office at 021 712 0242 and the Wynberg one at 021 762 5757.