Production fills the gaps where words fail

The Plumstead-based NPO Chaeli Campaign is working towards creating a more inclusive theatrical landscape in South Africa – both off-stage, as well as on.

From Tuesday March 8 they will be performing No Fun ction alL anguage at the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg.

At the helm, award-winning director Jayne Batzofin will be taking a microscopic look at the in-between spaces where words fail us – where we desperately search for meaning between vowels, consonants and silences. How do we say what we mean or express what we feel?

The cast consists of artistic director of Unmute Dance Company, Andile Vellem; Christelle Dreyer of Unmute Project, Remix; Iman Isaacs of Warrior on Wheels and Full Stops On Your Face; Daniel Richards of Salt and West Side Story; and – imbuing the stage with haunting melodies and dynamic soundscapes through the art of live looping – Dave Knowles, known for his vocal style and complex acoustic guitar work.

The Chaeli Campaign provides services to children with disability and received funding from the National Lottery Commission.

The show runs at the Masque Theatre from Tuesday March 8 until Saturday March 19, at 8pm, except on Sunday and Monday when there will be special day-time performances for schools.

Tickets are R50 and available through or call 021 788 1898.

For details on these performances, or to bring a school group, contact Danieyella Rodin on