Project promotes recycling in Westlake Village

Participants of Xchange Connexion’s recycling programme in Westlake with former ward councillor Penny East.

Scores of Westlake Village residents continue to rely on a support programme that was started during lockdown under former ward councillor Penny East with backing from the Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch.

The recycling and feeding programme is run by Xchange Connexion, a Tokai company that does community outreach work, and SOUL (Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy), a non-profit.

As lockdown lifted, many residents returned to work, but 65 Westlake households were identified as needing ongoing support, according to Xchange Connexion’s Tracy Stallard.

She said participants completed wellbeing and environmental lessons and delivered a black bag of recycling each week to earn 2.5kg of maize meal.

The recycling is collected by Vrygrond non-profit, Mike’s Recycling, whose employees sort and measure the contents of the black bags.

So far, 7 tons of recycling had been generated from Westlake Village, Ms Stallard said.

Xchange Connexion is raising money to expand the programme to include other households that would like to join.

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