“Queer” word not offensive

David Wantling,
Tokai Estate

I find the use of the word “queer” in an article heading in the latest Constantiaberg Bulletin to be repulsive and completely unacceptable when referring to people who are gay, bisexual, or have alternative sexual preferences (“Tariro takes a stand for queer youth”, Bulletin, June 20).

I condemn it in the strongest possible terms, and it is as bad as using the “K” word or similar derogatory terms to describe anyone.

Sharon Cox, health and support services manager of the Triangle Project, responds: The word “queer” has been reclaimed by the LGBTI+ community and serves as an umbrella term for the LGBTI+ community.

There will be people who do not themselves identify with the word, but it is most certainly not offensive and is widely used.