Radiation disputes

Cliff Court, Tokai

Thank you for publishing my letter this week. I see it was among others arguing on the other side, but that is just fair and reasonable.

This email is to raise a very important issue latched onto by those other letters and was not of my nor Dr Heher’s making. In the article published about electromagnetic radiation on Thursday September 1, the Bulletin used the title “Engineers argue that EMR radiation is safe”. I certainly never made that claim and I am quite certain that neither did Dr Heher. Clearly at a high enough power (eg. in a microwave oven), electromagnetic waves can be very damaging.

However, the entire article was devoted solely to electromagnetic radiation from cell masts, which as was explained by Dr Heher, is tiny in comparison with even the radiation from a cellphone.

Therefore, the article title should have read “Engineers argue that Cell Mast EM radiation is safe”.

It may seem like a small matter, but it is critical to the contents of the story.

Therefore, I would like the Bulletin to publish this as a correction and it was, unintentionally I’m sure, misleading to the reader.

Given the emotion on this matter, at least I’d like to ensure that my and Dr Heher’s assersions were accurately reported.