Rather go green

Malcolm Pearce, Bergvliet

Reading Karen Watkins’s report on the proposed new Astroturf in Children’s Way (“Club on new turf,” Bulletin November 29), I can only hope that those driving the project will have learnt a lesson from Bergvliet High School’s misguided decision to go with the blue ink blot on the landscape that is their facility.

That sort of colour might be appropriate and trendy within the confines of a sports stadium, but, as an element in an open and predominantly green suburban landscape, it is simply a permanent eyesore.

Historically “field hockey” has been played on grass.

Admittedly the potential standard and speed of the game has benefited hugely since being played on the artificial surface, but Astroturf is simply artificial grass.

Grass is green (most of the time), and that, in my view, is the colour that is appropriate in the context of Children’s Way.

Perhaps that decision has already been taken. I hope so.

Mike Lamb, president of Bergvliet Sports Association, responds: We at Bergvliet Sports Association agree with the sentiments expressed and have chosen to go green. The playing surface of the new Astro will be dark green with the surrounds being a lighter green.