Raymond Ackerman turns 91

Constantia businessman Raymond Ackerman celebrated his 91st birthday today. He is seen here with his wife, Wendy, to whom he has been married for 65 years. Mr Ackerman reminisced about purchasing four Pick n Pay stores in 1967. On Wednesday March 9, the Pick n Pay Group celebrated the 55th anniversary of the company’s founding. While he retired in 2010, Mr Ackerman remains part of the team although not in an official capacity. When Pieter Boone took over the helm as CEO in April last year, Mr Ackerman visited several stores with him. He also still attends all board meetings and will celebrate his birthday with staff at the Kenilworth head office today. When not doing store visits, he continues to play golf once a week with his grandchildren, watches global news on TV, takes his dog for a walk and spends time with his new puppy.