Reconsider moving prisoners

Robin Jessica Lucas, Grassy Park

The interesting article about Pollsmoor prisoners being relocated to the Free State and Northern Cape to ease overcrowding (“Pollsmoor ordered to keep admitting prisoners,” Bulletin January 19) noted that they were unhappy and “taking it very badly.”

The article questioned how these prisoners would be affected and how it would affect their visitors.

Why this question, I ask myself. If a transfer is to help our overcrowded prisons then a transfer needs to be made.

These prisoners have committed terrible deeds. Have they asked how it has affected the innocent lives they have destroyed?

People are going through state of depression, families are torn apart, communities live in fear for what has happened and what is still happening today.

Our own homes are no longer safe. Before we consider the prisoners who are taking this badly, we should consider what they have done to South Africans at large.