Recycling shut

Stephen Price, principal Bergvliet High School

The School Governing Body (SGB) of Bergvliet High School has announced that the recycling depot at the school will be closing down on Friday April 29 (“Bergvliet High recycling could be canned”, Bulletin February 4).

The last date that the public will be able to drop off recycling material at the high school will be Friday April 22.

The SGB acknowledges the sterling and outstanding work of the volunteers who have laboured long and hard over the 25 years that the recycling depot has been in operation. Initially the brainchild of former teacher, Lesley Watson, she soon handed over the baton to Willie Webb, who managed the recycling for well over 20 years until ill health restricted her involvement late last year.

Bergvliet High School’s recycling was a successful operation which contributed to the school’s income but more importantly contributed to the health of the planet. Many of the volunteers have worked for the recycling programme for 20 years or more.

Ms Webb was, in 2010, awarded the Astris Award from the school in recognition of her outstanding contribution and dedicated service to the school. The school will be hosting a thank you and farewell get together for the volunteers on Friday April 29. Unfortunately, decreasing income, the management vacuum, the lack of new volunteers, the increasing health issues as more people use the school recycling depot as a dump and the reduced capacity of collection, have all contributed to this decision which the governing body has taken.

The SGB would also like to thank and acknowledge the support of the local community who, directly and indirectly, contributed to the growth and development of the school through the recycling initiative.