Reddam House Constantia

Reddam House Constantia
As part of the Constantia community, we would like all families to know that we are here for them and their children.

At Reddam House Constantia, we nurture individuality, talent and self-assurance in a secure, relaxed, self-disciplined environment. We offer an internationally respected curriculum, with a broad range of academic, cultural and sporting activities.  

In addition to our strong academic foundation, we build the social and emotional development of each student. Our environment allows for total religious freedom while fostering mutual respect and tolerance – we offer various religious studies and observe all major religious holidays. 

True excellence in education lies in striking a balance between creating a firm foundation for the future, by offering the best tuition and a broad bouquet of diverse opportunities, while simultaneously offering a launch pad to life: inflaming intellects, challenging, channelling and focusing our students’ energy and in the process, widening global horizons immeasurably. 

We wish only the very best for our students, working tirelessly to motivate them to maximise their innate potential. 

From the outset, Reddam House Early Learning School follows the unique Reggio Emilia approach, recognising and celebrating each child’s innate abilities and gifts. We regard children as competent and capable and regard childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful whilst learning. Reddam House has an unshakeable commitment to the happiness, individuality and fulfilment of each student, while pursuing excellence in every sphere from the Early Learning School through the Preparatory School and into the College.

Our school is fully equipped with world-class facilities, including art, drama, dance and music studios, computer and science labs, a huge hall and a well-resourced library. Boasting expansive sports fields, a cricket oval and an Astroturf. An exciting new development is our aquatic centre, which is currently being built. 

There is no better way, in our opinion, than to select the best teachers for every subject and to inspire and motivate our students academically, culturally and in the sporting arena.

Reddam House is committed to the success of the next generation. 

As part of the Global Education Group, Inspired, we provide access to international best practice and world-class educational experts.

Since our inception two decades ago, so many of our Reddam House Alumni are passionately and successfully engaged in a wide, diverse variety of exciting, challenging, entrepreneurial, professional, social, economic, corporate and sporting endeavours across the globe. 

We believe true excellence in education is only achieved by a powerful, passionate team of exceptional teachers and managers preparing young, happy and motivated students to stand tall and make their mark anywhere in the world as the global citizens of tomorrow.

Join us for a live online meeting, to learn more about our world-class learning environment. 

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