Run walk

Few of the beginner runners from Spartan Harriers sporting their medals.

More than 150 beginner runners and walkers from the Spartan Harriers Club in Meadowridge took to the streets to run in the 11th annual Mitchell’s Plain Titans Athletic Club race on Saturday November 23. The race was a culmination of a 12-week beginners’ training programme run by Spartan Harriers, a non-profit organisation established in April 1901. The club welcomes  all kinds of walkers and runners from beginners to experienced athletes to run or walk two to three times a week on road and trail routes in Meadowridge and surrounds.  At the race, all the runners and walkers finished within the cut-off time and proudly displayed their medals. They were rewarded with breakfast afterwards and a physiotherapist was on hand for those who needed a massage to relieve their aching muscles.