Salt River pupil hit by train

A school pupil was killed at Wittebome station on Monday March 14.

Metrorail’s spokesperson Riana Scott confirmed the death of a pedestrian at 3.43pm. According to initial reports, the pupil attempted to cross the tracks when he was struck by an oncoming train.

The police closed the section of track line for the duration of their onsite investigation and some 30 trains using that section of line were diverted, causing delays of six to 37 minutes.

Ms Scott said the line was re-opened and normal train traffic resumed at 5.54pm.

“We appeal to pedestrians to please always use subways or bridges to ensure they traverse railway lines safely,” said Ms Scott.

Lieutenant Ntombi Nqunqeka confirmed that an unknown boy suspected to be from one of the schools in Salt River was hit by a train while he was running along the railway line between Wynberg and Wittebome station.

The train hooted for him but unfortunately he was knocked on the right side of the upper body and fell. He died instantly.

The identity of the boy is unknown at this stage as there was nothing found in his possession that can identify him. He was wearing a grey pants, light shirt and black school shoes.

Anyone with more information can contact Warrant Officer Basson on 083 781 5078.