Save a life by donating blood

Blood donation.

The Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) has launched a blood-donation campaign, showing the impact a single donation can have on another person’s life.

“You might not know who your blood is going to, but you can be sure that it will make a difference in someone’s life,” says WCBS spokeswoman, Michelle Vermeulen.

“We hope that this campaign will inspire people to give blood. Although many people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives, less than 1.5% of the population donates.”

The series of videos shows anyone can donate regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

“During the Easter period and over Ramadaan, we see a significant drop in blood stocks. Many of our regular donors are away on holiday for Easter or fasting over the religious month of Ramadan,” said Ms Vermeulen. “This is a critical time – with the Western Cape population growing steadily, we need your help in order to meet the increasing demand for blood.”

The blood donated is given to trauma and accident victims, surgery patients, burn victims and people with blood diseases such as leukaemia and sickle-cell anaemia. 

“Every unit of whole blood is separated into three lifesaving parts; red cells, platelets and plasma,” said Ms Vermeulen.

To donate you need to be between the ages of 16 and 65, weigh over 50kg, be in good general health and lead a safe sexual lifestyle. The process does not cause you any bodily harm – only 475ml of blood is taken, and this is replaced within 24 hours.

For more information on how you can save a life, SMS “Blood” to 33507, call WCBS at 021 507 6300, e-mail or visit

Blood stock updates and interesting facts about donation can be found on Facebook (@TheWCBS), Twitter (@The_WCBS) and Instagram (@thewcbs) accounts.

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