Trees cut down

Denzil Gunning, Meadowridge

I was appalled this morning to see that some palm trees have been cut down at the new plant nursery site in Bergvliet Road (“New garden centre for Diep River,” Bulletin December 13).

Those same trees were saved years ago when the road was widened and it is a thoughtless act to have removed them. (From my car while waiting for the traffic light to change, I saw one trunk and root portion on site).

To my mind, there seems plenty of space to have left the trees in site on the boundary of the premises.

Perhaps you would like to find out why an organisation, which should foster conservation in the area’s heritage they wish to set up shop in, could be so crass.

Nick Stodel, of Stodel Nursery, responds: Unfortunately we have had to remove a few palms due to the traffic safety requirements required by council for the neighbourhood.

The only place access can be gained to that site, which is far enough from the traffic lights on the one side and the stop street on the other, is at the particular spot where a few palm trees were planted.

Any development on that site will have exactly the same requirement from council.

As a garden centre, we will be trying to create a park-type feel to the area which will enhance the area. The palm trees are very beautiful, but would not have occurred naturally in the area at all. We will be planting indigenous trees which will contribute to the local ecosystem as they produce food and shelter for indigenous fauna.