Schools are safer

Anthony Cockcroft, Steurhof

I’m starting to think that the children would be safer if they stayed in school.

I live in Steurhof and this afternoon (Monday March 23) on my daily walk to the Plumstead Main Road, it seemed like all the neighbourhood kids were gathered and socialising under the trees on the grass pavement, and over the weekend they were roaming the neighbourhood in packs, perfect for the spread of Covid-19. They clearly seem unfazed by the looming threat, thinking they are immune.

We have had no interaction from any local government organisation regarding the virus, and there are a lot of elderly and lower income families here who are uninformed, or oblivious to it. Most cannot afford sanitisers or masks. Local charities focus on all the other areas, but Steurhof is right here and begging for help too. Please remember us in Steurhof too.