Schools support Victoria Hospital staff

Pupils and staff of Wynberg campus, comprising Wynberg Girls’ High School, Wynberg Boys’ High School, Wynberg Girls’ Junior School and Wynberg Boys’ Junior School, handing over the letter of commitment to the management of Victoria Hospital.

The Wynberg Campus of Schools have started a fundraising campaign to create an outdoor, reflective break area for the staff of Victoria Hospital.

Victoria Hospital’s chief executive, Jonathan Vaughan, met with the four campus heads – Dee Cawcutt, Wynberg Girls’ Junior; Cedric Poleman, Wynberg Boys’ Junior; Jenn Wallace, Wynberg Girls’ High and Jan de Waal, Wynberg Boys’ High – to receive a letter of commitment and to see the space allocated for the break area.

Swim For Change founder Christopher Kleynhans, who is 17-years-old pupil at Wynberg Boys’ High said the hand-over of funds to Victoria Hospital was humbling and enlightening. “The ‘reflective space’ will allow them to take a breath and step out of the intense hospital environment. Our health-care workers need to perform at the best of their abilities without compromising their mental health, and I believe that this space will help them achieve this,” he said.

The schools have been raising funds by holding civvies days, and more than R60 000 has been raised so far.

Ms Cawcutt, who is also the spokesperson for the campus, said the schools’ values of persistence, resilience and reliability were what bonded the campus with the health-care workers.

“We find it only fitting to create a space for them to take a break, to re-group, to re-energise and to practice a little self-care.”

Mr Vaughan said that Victoria Hospital was placing a huge focus on the mental well-being of the staff, particularly with the huge toll Covid-19 was taking, which is why the space was so appreciated.

“We are very grateful to the learners and families of the Wynberg Campus of Schools for showing their gratitude in such a generous way – and we look forward to working together over the coming months to make this dream a reality,” he said.