Sea Point gets colourful pedestrian crossing

The City of Cape Town has given a splash of colour to a pedestrian crossing on Main Road, Sea Point, which was designed by local artist Al Luke.

Al Luke standing at his artwork called Recollection.

Mr Luke, 41, of Plumstead, was commissioned by a development company to create Recollection.

“The BLOK company contacted me in March about this project and I submitted three artworks and they chose the one that you see on the pedestrian crossing,” said Mr Luke.

“This artwork represents the Sea Point I knew as a child and the Sea Point I know now, the movement, the people, so all good memories. And as a father it is a place I take my family to enjoy the fresh air, the activities and the energy of all the people this little section of our city attracts. In this work I have tried to capture a snapshot of the Sea Point I know and love with the use of bold colour and linework,” he said.

He says that the sign writers took four to five days to complete the 16m by 14m artwork on the busy main road.

As you can see it adds colour to the Main Road.