Self-care workshop at Southfield library

Author Cindy Jacobs led a discussion on self-care during a workshop at Southfield library last week. Picture: Supplied.

A workshop, held at Southfield library on Monday February 13, reminded women to be kind to themselves.

The discussion on self-care and self-esteem was run by librarians Ashleigh Wessels and Charmaine Fritz and author Cindy Jacobs

Ms Jacobs said women often forgot about their own needs as they juggled daily challenges and put others first.

“Before we are a mother, teacher, wife, grandma, friend or citizen, we belong to ourselves. The objective of my message was to help the women realise the importance of keeping filling their own cup – 10 minutes a day can perform wonders.”

She added: “Too often, we are taught that a woman’s level of strength is based on how much she can endure and how much she can pour into others first, but I strongly disagree. I think it’s important for women to understand that you know yourself best, only you can fill your cup. You set the bar for how others should love and treat you. So, I encourage women to take the time out to love yourself, do what sets your soul on fire, it is not selfish.”

Ms Wessels spoke about what could cause low self-esteem and how to improve it.

“We did a ‘reasons to love me’ activity where women could recognise positive things about themselves which are often overlooked,” she said.

“Self-care, in general, is one of the most important factors to focus on in our lives – for women, it has got to be one of the greatest domino effects. When a woman has decided to try to address her habits, whatever they look like, she is already on her way to healing.”

A “gratitude circle” was held at the end of the workshop. Picture: Supplied