Seniors can’t carry heavy litres of water

Rob Moody, Constantia Hills

Is it realistic to expect pensioners to collect 25 litres water daily?

Twenty-five litres of water weighs 25kg. The weight of a pocket of cement is 50kg. Are pensioners expected to carry the equivalent of half a pocket of cement from the watering point to their car daily? What about those who rely on public transport?

What about working parents with young children? Are they expected to carry the equivalent of a pocket or two of cement when they collect their water quota?

Now an analogy with the queues on a national voting day where schools are generally venues and the day is declared a holiday. Considering the administration while collecting water, the voting day analogy is reasonably accurate. The process to vote is comparatively quick as it only requires the drawing of a cross. Compare that with the time to fill a 25-litre container. Imagine the length of queues on a daily basis.

Consider parking and traffic while collecting water. Will latrines be supplied at collection points?

Are there sufficient 25-litre containers available? Has any company decided to risk manufacturing them in the quantities that will be required?

Why must the CBD be excluded? Is this because the mayor’s office is there? The CBD in today’s world is a fallacy as a large proportion of businesses have moved from the CBD to the suburbs. So the CBD gets special treatment. Why?

The lack of understanding by the mayor to real life problems is disconcerting.

Money is/has been spent on unimportant projects which could have been reassigned to the water problem. Regrettably it appears that to serve on council or work for the City requires no business acumen due to the never-ending supply of money from the ratepayer.

Surely water shedding is a better solution with implementation sooner rather than later.

The day the council introduce a system where one must queue for water is the day I stop paying rates and encourage others to do likewise.