Service delivery in ‘mayhem’

Colin Arendse, Wynberg

The City’s Brett Herron was mentioned in two separate articles in the Constantiaberg Bulletin on June 29. In a front page article, (“Wynberg’s grime worry”), Mr Herron states that “the imminent roll out of the MyCiTi phase 2A bus service had been put on hold because of a legal dispute with the South Road residents”.

Mr Herron is mentioned again in an article on page 5, (“Ire over congested Wynberg intersection”) when he repeats that “Phase 2A of the MyCiTi project holds significant positive implications for Wynberg”.

I do not understand the logic of quoting Mr Herron in the context of these two articles as the absence of the MyCiTi project is not the reason Wynberg is falling apart. It is in fact the absence of basic service delivery and law enforcement by the City that has resulted in total mayhem for residents and commuters alike.

Mr Herron has previously stated that the MyCiTi project for Wynberg was only in a conceptual phase. This has now been elevated to a “roll-out” phase overnight.

The current traffic woes referred to in your article are exacerbated by taxis making a left turn from Morom Road into Broad Road. It may be a convenient short cut to Rosmead Avenue but this is the actual reason for the chaos on our roads where taxis routinely drive pedestrians out of the way (I am a victim, so speak from experience).

The implementation of the MyCiTi bus project will not resolve civic issues like the infestation of rats, unregulated vendors and ineffective traffic law enforcement.

And until we see basic service delivery on the ground where existing council by-laws are enforced, Wynberg will remain the way it is –filthy and ungovernable.