Setting the mood and helping youth

Bradley van Reenen, the mastermind behind Mood Café.

A new café in Plumstead is selling “a state of mind” with its smoothies

Proceeds go towards a youth empowerment project in Mitchell’s Plain.

Bradley van Reenen says he got the idea to open Mood Café while on his morning jog.

Mr Van Reenen is the CEO of IAMPASSION, a non-profit organisation in Mitchell’s Plain that teaches 18-to-35-year-olds entrepreneurship and other skills. Young people from the organisation work in the cafe, learning practical business skills.

Mr Van Reenen says he wanted to do something to ease the impact of lockdown on people’s mental health.

Signs at his trailer truck carry inspirational quotes and describe different moods.

“Instead of you just buying a smoothie or ice cream, you can choose what mood you want to feel for the day, and that’s the flavour you go with.

“We have everything, from happiness, to love, to optimistic, to serenity – it really helps to affect the psyche of the customer. What a man thinks, he is.”

The cafe, opposite the Shell garage in Churchill Road, has been open less than a month, and Mr Van Reenen says it has so far sold more than 500 smoothies. It also sells boerewors rolls and tubs of ice cream.

Mr Van Reenen says the non-profit is helping about 800 people every three months to create their own jobs and opportunities.

He has plans to expand the cafe to offer frozen fruit, courier and delivery services and mood-themed meal boxes.

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