‘Shabby’ suburbs

Lisa Chalmers, Meadowridge

I refer to Sue Mitchell’s letter (“Shabby Constantia”, Bulletin, April 13).

We live in Meadowridge and our ward councillor is Carol Bew. I have written to her twice regarding the “shabby” appearance of Meadowridge over the past year and to date, I have not had the courtesy of a reply and the appearance of the area continues to deteriorate. I refer specifically to the untrimmed verges and common areas, particularly the open area on the corner of Fleming and Rutherford Way which is slowly becoming an overgrown dumping ground.

The ward councillor of Constantia (Liz Brunette) gave the excuse that “tender problems are still holding up contracts” which presumably will be the same excuse used for Meadowridge. This response is unacceptable considering the exorbitant rates and taxes we pay and I , along with many other residents in Meadowridge implore Carol Bew to do the job she has been elected to do and address these issues, ensuring that they are finally rectified.

Ward councillor Carol Bew responds:

It always amazes me to know how people can go to all the trouble to report service delivery needs to the media and cannot wait to express their discontent. This could be so avoided by logging a simple service delivery request by logging onto the City mobisite (see below). This would serve not only themselves but the broader community.

(As you did not send me the details of the complainant) it is not possible for me to establish whether or not I have received any correspondence from them in the past and report on any actions taken.

The area identified in your letter (corner of Fleming and Rutherford) has been logged for a service delivery intervention – reference number 9103287316.

As a public representative there are number of ways in which residents can consult or correspond with me. My door is always open and I have an office at the Alphen Centre which is manned Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm.

There is also my email which has an automatic reply: Carol.Bew@capetown.gov.za; my mobile number (Whatsapp or text) – 082 477 9444.

Residents can be active citizens in logging service requests on the City’s service notification system. The City’s electronic reporting system will provide residents with a reference number so they can track the progress of the request that they have logged. Residents can use the following options to log notifications:

Mobi site: Residents can use the mobi site to report faults such as potholes, water leaks, electricity failures and illegal dumping, among other service requests. The mobi site can be accessed via one’s smart phone at: http://www.capetown.gov.za/mobi

Send an email to contactus@capetown.gov.za

Send an SMS to 31373

Call 0860 103 089.

Mike Cowan,Constantia

I agree with Sue Mitchell entirely.

According to Liz Brunette, the ward councillor, the lack of clean-up taking place in Constantia is due to tender problems.

I wonder what that means and definitely would expect there to be a more comprehensive answer from the main authority involved on our behalf. After all, the beauty of Constantia is its major attraction and this should not be permitted to fail.

It is also completely beyond comprehension how the ratepayers’ association and the ward authorities permit so many roads in Constantia to have unattended wood huts scattered around and to make things worse they are now adorned with advertising boards.

These huts alone are completely illegal structures, so whatever story the advertisers are spinning must be very good, but does not alter the fact that they are illegal and certainly degrading the suburb. It is time Liz Brunette took a drive around and actually looked carefully at the suburb she is responsible for and took some definitive action herself.