Shacks gutted by fire

Two backyard shacks were burnt in a fire on Saturday May 23.

A fire destroyed two backyard shacks in Westlake on Saturday night.

The fire started at the Cedar Avenue property after 8pm, said witness Brian January.

According to him, it was caused by a pot left on a stove in one of the shacks.

Mr January said residents had fought the blaze before firefighters from Lakeside Fire Station came to extinguish the rest of it a few minutes later.

Fred Zanolin, firefighter at the Lakeside fire station, confirmed this and said there were no injuries or deaths on the scene.

A man and a woman and two children in the one shack and a family of three in the other lost most of their belongings in the fire.

Veloshni Baker, of Westlake United Church Trust, said they had registered the two families on their system for aid.

“After we posted pictures of the fire on Facebook, a lot of people came to help, we are very grateful. We were able to provide them with food packages for two weeks, some clothing and bedding for the meantime. Thank you everyone for your kindness,” she said.