Sidewalks a waste of money

Mark Windell, Kirstenhof

Please could someone, preferably our ward councillor, advise us why the council is spending a fortune on sidewalks around the Constantiaberg area?

I have been living in the Bergvliet area for many years and cannot remember ever seeing anybody walking on the side of Ladies Mile Road from the Main Road up to the Caltex garage, for example, so why the huge costs of laying a sidewalk? I could understand if the sidewalk is used on a regular basis but all that money spent asphalting all those sidewalks throughout the entire area seems a serious waste of money to me. Surely that money could be better spent elsewhere?

* Ward 71 councillor Penny East responds: The extensive construction works that is under way in the ward, and surrounding wards, is part of the city-wide-roll-out of cycle tracks. This is to extend the reach of the City’s non-motorised transport initiative.

It is hoped that while these tracks will help to keep cyclists safe, they will also encourage people to begin using cycles more for their daily commute, and thus have a significant impact on road congestion, and on our carbon footprint.