Solar pumped

Telez Augustyn, Fabio Picco (back), Andries Steenkamp, Warren Boozaier and Anderson Jekwa.

Timour Hall Primary School is one of the first schools in the Cape Town to have a solar powered swimming pool pump. Speaking at the official switch-on last week, principal Warren Boonzaier said the pump was expected to cut the schools’ electricity bill by up to R3 000 a month. It is part of their Timour Hall Primary School Goes Green initiative and will contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. The seed of an idea began when parent Telez Augustyn told his wife Colette that he wanted to install a swimming pool in their garden.

“She said no so I decided to put one in here,” said Mr Augustyn. The pool was already there but he set about installing the solar pump. The system looks similar to any other pool pump. Mr Augustyn is a mechanical engineer with MNE Oak and said the four solar pool pumps were donated and the solar panels, five for each pump, and installation were provided at a reduced cost. Mr Augustyn said there are many other benefits with the solar pumps other than an annual cost saving of R13 000. “They can still run in winter at no electrical cost and will require less shock treatment and pool chemicals after pumping less during winter. Anderson Jekwa who works at the school and looks after the swimming pool said the system was very easy to use and was maintenance free. Fabio Picco of Flex Solar said they were looking at using a salt chlorinator which would also reduce running costs.