Space for cricket

Ellen Fedele, Plumstead

There is a small patch of land at the end of Francis Road in Steurhof that was deemed too small to be safely allocated as a possible turning space for the buses of the high school in Azalea Street.

Could this ground not be turned into a small cricket pitch (with high fences to prevent errant balls flying into passing cars) so that the youngsters of Steurhof have a safe space in which to play the game instead of having to use the roads surrounding that patch which is dangerous for both the children and the passing cars?

Not much needs to be done to make this a reality so I hope the council will take the idea into consideration.

Councillor Carol Bew responds: I have investigated the piece of land which is road reserve.

There are plans afoot to develop the park at Viooltjie Road just 150m away; this will be costing the City over R50 000.

It is therefore not viable to consider further budget when there are adequate facilities being made available just a short distance way.

C. Franklin, Kirstenhof

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