Special needs pupils talk about human rights

Glenbridge Special School held a civvies day in honour of human rights.

Glenbridge Special School in Diep River held a civvies day last Friday in honour of Human Rights Day on Monday, March 21.

The special-needs school holds a civvies day each month and asks the children to bring R5 as a way to raise money for the school.

About two thirds of the 200 pupils are exempt from paying school fees as they come from poor communities, according to school administrator Tracy Williams.

The school caters for intellectually impaired children aged 6 to 16.

The children wore red for the month of love on the February civvies day, and this time they wore yellow, symbolic of caring, said teacher Tracey Ann Jacobs. “Many of our children are bullied, but we believe they must be made aware of it and should not accept this and must be respected for being different. We highlight the fact that they are special and have a place in this world,” she said.

Ms Williams said the school lacked arts programmes and sport coaching and gear for its pupils, and its building was in need of repairs.

The school is holding a Big Walk fund-raiser on Friday May 6, at Saint Augustine’s sports field in Heathfield. Email admin@glenbridgeschool.co.za or call 021 712 2075 for more information.

Glenbridge pupils tucked into chip rolls and cool drink during their civvies day.
Some of the pupils are artistic, but with no formal arts programme at the school, there is no way for them to develop their talents.
Glenbridge Special School held a human rights awareness programme and civvies day.
The children wore yellow, symbolic of caring