Sponsor a vendor a bib

Ellen Fedele, Plumstead

Most Capetonians are aware of the Funny Money vendors in the southern suburbs, mostly around Claremont where their generous sponsor and inventor of the initiative, Top Copy, is situated.

I have come to know one of the vendors quite well and noticed his bright yellow bib, with identifying photo and number on it, was looking a bit worse for wear, so I asked if I could pay for a replacement. While doing so, another vendor walked in to Top Copy to collect that day’s pamphlets and I saw his bib had also seen better days. At all the intersect-ions where I see vendors on a daily basis, I noticed the same issue.

This got me thinking about a wider effort, with perhaps local companies and individuals, to sponsor a vendor a new bib.

The company or person would get a backstory on the individual/s they sponsor and perhaps keep in touch with them to encourage them with their daily efforts to earn an honest wage. If read-ers think this a worthy initiative, contact me at ellen76seven@gmail.com, 078 203 7510, or the manager of Top Copy at gm@topcopy.co.za