Spreading joy in tough times

A tree in Fairbairn Way, Meadowridge. Picture: Bergvliet and Surrounds Facebook Group

People are getting more and more creative under lockdown as they have now started decorating trees in their communities.

Driving through the neighbourhoods of Plumstead and Meadowridge, you can spot funny looking trees.

A tree in St Joan’s Road, Timour Hall, Plumstead, has wide eyes and a face mask stuck onto it – looking like all of us currently as we move around under Covid-19 restrictions.

A tree in Fairbairn Way in Meadowridge – known by community members on a local Facebook page as “The Fairy Tree” – has a colourful door, window and fairy princess stuck onto it, creating mystery and fantasy for the little ones, and some grown-ups too.

It is unclear who is decorating the trees, or for what reason, but they are definitely putting a smile on the faces of many through these challenging and uncertain times.