Spring tea fundraiser for school stationery

The Westlake Ladies section held a spring tea fundraiser to gift caddies and ground staff with stationery for their children for the new school year. From left: Nadine Clarke Sue Newman, Lady Captain Lynsay Minnaar, Megan Minnaar, author Dominique Malherbe, Rona Conway, Bea Volbrecht and entrepreneur Astrid van Emden.

A morning of tea, business and fundraising was held at Westlake Golf Club on Monday October 10, for the friends and golfers of the Westlake Ladies section.

Donned in their finest and brightest for a spring tea, the women enjoyed talks from author Dominique Malherbe about her book, “Searching for Sarah: The Woman Who Loved Langenhoven” and entrepreneur, Astrid van Emden, owner and founder of Empress scents and skincare line.

Over quiches and an assortment of cakes, Ms Malherbe talked about her latest offering, Searching for Sarah that was published last year. The book details how when Afrikaans literary icon CJ Langenhoven died suddenly in 1932, he surprised the Afrikaner establishment by naming a young Jewish woman, Sarah Eva Goldblatt, executor of his literary legacy.

Ms Malherbe likens Langehoven to the Shakespeare of the Afrikaans community in early 1900. He is best known for his contribution to the South African anthem, through Die Stem. But she says the common refrain in her family was that Langehoven doesn’t come without her great-aunt, Sarah. Her book uncovers Sarah’s story and her literary love story with Langenhoven.

The book, she says, is dedicated to the memories of countless women like Sarah whose lives were lived in the shadows. “That is maybe the kind of theme one must think about when we look at women essentially. And the value that women offer,” says Ms Malherbe.

What the ladies of the Westlake Golf Club offer is support to their caddies. According to Lady Captain Lynsay Minnaar, the Westlake Ladies section collects money throughout the year for their caddies. Most of it is used to feed their families during the winter months. When there isn’t a lot of work to do and they aren’t earning enough money. Proceeds from the spring tea fundraiser will go towards buying educational supplies for the children of caddies and ground staff.

“There is always a lot of stationery that is required at the beginning of the year. This is our way of showing our appreciation for them, by helping them so their children have what they need at the start of the year,” says Ms Minnaar.

Author Dominique Malherbe talks about her book, Searching for Sarah: The Woman Who Loved Langenhoven.
Tea, cakes and chitchat, the women of Westlake Golf Club came together to raise funds and catch up with other lady golfers.