Steurhof reunion

More than 150 former residents of Steurhof and Diep River who were removed their homes under apartheid’s Group Areas Act in the 1970s gathered for a reunion at the South Peninsula High School on Saturday July 15 (“Reunion for families scattered by apartheid,“ Bulletin, July 6) Photograph: Supplied
Two of Steurhof’s oldest former residents joined the reunion. Susan McClean, seated, is 90. She moved to Steurhof at the age of 15 with her aunt, Dora Tala, in Suring Street. Standing, from left, are sisters Cupido and Desiree de Lange, who also grew up in Suring Street, and Anne Meyer-Adonis, who, at 91, is the oldest former resident. She lived in Francis Street. Photograph: Supplied.
Sylvia Jethro, left, was a former teacher at the AME Church Mission School. The school was in Brunswick Road, which later became Kendal Road. She taught under her father, the late Reverend Josiah Jethro who was a principal at the school. She honoured him with her niece, Micheline Fortuin. Photograph: Supplied
Childhood friends Henry Jones, middle, with brothers Howard Tala, right, and Gary Tala met for the first time after many years. They attended the AME Mission School and Sunday school in the old Brunswick Road, Diep River. Photograph: Supplied
Cousins, from left, Moerieda Daniels, Tharima Hendricks, Aziza Jones and Salama Harris, who lived with their grandmother, the late Anja Hendricks, of Suring Street, were happy to reunite with old friends and neighbours. Photograph: Supplied