Storm damage repairs start at Bergvliet High

Bergvliet High School (BHS) was battered by the monster storm a few weeks ago which caused extensive damage to the school (“Schools, roads hit hard by storm”, Bulletin, June 8).

Most visible was the pavilion which took the brunt of the storm, suffering huge damage to the upper storey.

The roof and railings, the brand-new camera mounted on the roof, doors and windows were destroyed, memorabilia, carpeting and equipment, ruined.

But the damage did not stop there. The trees along the Firgrove Way boundary were ripped to shreds and huge branches damaged the boundary fence. BHS is still removing branches which were ripped but did not fall to the ground.

The school’s tiled roof also suffered damage in about seven places with huge holes punched through the roof as a result of the wind.

The main hall roof also suffered damage which was only discovered after several days. Most of this damage has already been repaired. Three prefabs were also damaged with the prefab one being the worst hit. The electronic scoreboard, the cricket nets and several sundry windows were also damaged by the storm.

Bergvliet High School spokesperson Kay Warne thanked the community for their messages of support.

The damage is estimated at around R1 million and the repairs are due to start in the holidays. “Bergvliet High has weathered many storms over the past 60 years and we will weather the aftermath of this one too,” said Ms Warne.