Street party turns violent in Westlake

Tokai residents woke to sirens on Sunday September 30 at 8.11am as Kirstenhof Crime Watch warned people to keep away from Westlake Village due to a “volatile situation”.

Captain Edgar Jones of Kirstenhof police said three men, aged between 19 and 25, were killed in Ibis Way after a party went wrong.

He said the first was a Westlake resident, Olwethu Roberts, who was stabbed and died at the scene and two others from Vrygrond, suspected of killing the first, was stoned to death by angry community members.

Eye-witnesses say the men were dancing during a street party when a fight broke out.

Matthew Adams, chairperson of the Westlake Development Forum, said the problem is drugs and alcohol.

That there are too many shebeens in the community and gangs come from outside to peddle drugs.

Kirstenhof Community Police Forum chairman, Tony Jantjies, confirmed that three men had died after a “street bash” and a fourth victim has been hospitalised.

He adds that according to his information, police and three ambulances were sent away by the community and could not enter.

“The police had a suspect in the back of the van and the community wanted to kill him,” said Mr Jantjies.

He said Kirstenhof police are in Westlake every day and that a neighbourhood watch has been established in Westlake.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, confirmed a possible case of vigilantism is being investigated and the motive for the murders are yet to be determined, as it is still unclear what sparked the incident.