Stroke rehab plays vital role

Tom Wilkinson, Wynberg

I read with dismay the report that the Meadowridge ratepayers want the centre to close or move (“No to stroke rehab,” Bulletin July 18). I firmly believe that without the assistance of Laurie (stroke rehab) and Stephanie (speech therapy) assisting my wife her outcome would have been very different.

I hope a solution can be found, and, with a definite reference to sour grapes, I sincerely hope that none of the residents ever need any of the facilities offered.

A stroke can and does occur in the “blink of an eye”. By the time my wife told me about her headache, it was too late. It changes both lives forever and South Peninsula Rehab can help repair the damage.

Please think very carefully before campaigning to remove the unit.

Michael Rohloff, Plumstead

With reference to your article there are a few points that I would like to air.

My wife is a patient at the South Peninsula Rehab and at no time have we ever seen any traffic congestion as there has always been plenty of parking inside the premises.

Bear in mind that a very busy Kendal Road runs beside the practice where presently major roadworks are being undertaken. This in itself creates major noise pollution and traffic congestion.

Complaints and concerns have been lodged against the rehab centre as regards to the potential crime that they say exists because the building is not occupied at night and at weekends. This, however, is totally unfounded, as the centre has addressed this problem by installing an electric fence, barbed wire and a motion-detection unit linked and monitored by an armed-response company.

It is pretty obvious that the owners of this establishment are responsible people who are concerned about safety as well as the welfare of their patients and neighbours. Crime is not just an issue on Kendal Road but is evident all over Cape Town.

The rehabilitation centre is a vital link to the rehabilitation of both people who have suffered strokes as well as any other related traumatic injuries. From the sessions that my wife has attended, I have been absolutely amazed at the improvement of her condition due to the intensive care, professionalism and expertise of the therapists. This is a testimony of the vital role played by the rehab centre.

I do not understand why such a fuss is being made about this excellent rehabilitation centre as the service that they provide is a vital part of the community in the southern suburbs. Long may they reign.