Suggestions for safety

Jeremy Rothon, Kenilworth

There are more and more attacks happening in our forests (“Franziska remembered”, Bulletin, March 10). What about a neighbourhood watch team on motorbikes to work shifts over the weekends or within certain hours around the areas where people run, jog, walk their dogs and so on.

It can be on a roster of volunteers working with the SAPS and SANParks. Each member could be registered and sign a code of conduct with SAPS and SANParks. I suggest motorbikes as we can cover large areas quicker than any other means. I am talking about responsible bikers who can help keep our community safe, have a love for our environment and law-abiding citizens. We really need to do something as soon as possible before another attack takes place.

Paddy Gordon, Table Mountain National Park manager, responds: We welcome all safety interventions, innovations and partnerships. The park rangers already work closely with SAPS, various neighbourhood watch groups, CIDs (City Improvement Districts, and sit on community police forums. These have led to many successful joint operations and will be continued to address crime threats. The TMNP would be very willing to work with Tokai crime watch or similar civic crime prevention agency to develop similar joint plans. The SANParks Honourary rangers, our formal volunteer programme, have already approached the park to offer their services in this regard. Dedicated volunteers have also added significant resources to crime prevention operations in the park. The possibility of motorcycles appropriately used, may also be considered.

* Geoff Fox, chairman of Kirstenhof Community Police Forum, said it will be wise to await the outcome of the Alphen meeting on Tuesday March 15 and also the Tokai Neighbourhood Crime Watch annual general meeting this evening, Thursday March 17, at 7.30pm, at Tokai Community Church.