Thank you

Weldon Stevens and Ingrid Godfrey of Bergvliet Primary School (BPS) recycling.

On behalf of our volunteers and full time workers I would like to thank all those who supported our recycling project in 2017.

Especially thank you for bringing your glass to either our recycling depot in Alphen Way or dropping it into the igloo in Children’s Way.

You helped us win R30 000 for Bergvliet Primary School.

We would like to make a request to those who still put glass into the municipal black wheelie bins, please consider BPS recycling rather than dumping. Glass, when tipped into the municipal truck, breaks into sharp pieces which are dangerous for those who work at the dump sites. We are happy to put the glass into the igloos for you if you need to “drop and go”.

We cannot accept windowpane glass, windscreen glass, pyrex or ceramics.

We also sell glass jars to those who make jams, pickles etc.

We can also show you how to make eco-bricks out of two-litre cooldrink bottles, by using non recyclables such as plastics, foil and chip packets.

To everybody who have supported us in the past a big thank you and to, those who are new recyclers to BPS, welcome.

Contact Weldon Stevens and Ingrid Godfrey at Bergvliet Primary School recycling at 072 0733 821.