Thank you for refuse removal

Reader Veronica Wilkinson sent a picture of her handmade rosettes and felt fortune cookies made to express her gratitude to the City of Cape Town for removing waste.

Veronica Wilkinson, Wynberg

City of Cape Town refuse removal, please accept my thanks for waste collection and cheerful, courteous dustbin/ wheelie bin service.

In these trying times, rising above the base squabbles and silly arguments preventing sectional title and other communities from working together is important.

Despite the logistical problems affecting regular bin collection and emptying, the actions of the municipal cleaning staff are heroic, taking into consideration health hazards and other risks.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to collect and wheel in 11 bins late yesterday afternoon at the Dennekamp complex thanks to a fast and efficient refuse collection pavement swoop by municipal employees.

I can’t give the chaps a medal, but my handmade rosettes and felt fortune cookies may express my gratitude in a small way.