Thank you for your kindness

Beryl Miller, administrator for Southern Suburbs Parliamentary Constituency Office

Themba Dlepu called at our offices requesting a letter be published in the next issue of the Constantiaberg Bulletin.

On Saturday evening July 6, Themba Dlepu, his wife, Faith Dlepu, and four children were travelling in a Mazda 5 on the Spaanschemat River Road, Constantia towards Diep

At about 6pm, a gentleman in a jeep travelling from the opposite side collided with Mr Dlepu’s car. It was pouring rain when the incident occurred. Mr Dlepu was trapped in the driver’s seat.

A white couple stopped and immediately assisted by calling the police and fire-emergency services who arrived almost immediately.

This couple were so
helpful and immediately took Mr Dlepu’s young children out of the pouring rain and put them in their car. They remained with them the entire time while Mr Dlepu was being removed with the jaws of life from the wreckage and transferred to Melomed in Tokai.

Mr and Ms Dlepu did not get the names of the couple but would like them to know that they are deeply grateful.

The couple were so kind and so comforting to the children who were hysterical. May God Almighty bless them abundantly.

Mr and Ms Dlepu say that the assistance rendered so unselfishly by complete strangers has restored their hope for our beautiful country that all people can live together and look out for each other.

A word of thanks to the traffic cops, paramedics, firefighters, police as well as Pastor Tsana Matakane and Mr Nojekwa. Thanking you on behalf of Mr and Ms Dlepu.