Thanks for gesture

Basil Spencer Hicken, Meadowridge

This morning my wife and I were at the Blue Route Mall and I suggested to her that instead of going home to prepare lunch for ourselves, we go to the Wimpy and treat ourselves to a meal, which we duly did.

We ordered a meal and coffee and after we had eaten, the waitress came over to us and I asked for the tab to pay. She informed us that we do not have to pay as the bill was already paid. I expressed my surprise and asked how and why.

She pointed to a corner table and told me the lady there had already paid the bill for me. I remembered seeing a young boy and a lady but they were strangers to me. To the lady who paid the bill I wish to say a big thank you for
such a heart-warming gesture and if I knew where to find you I would thank you personally. May God bless you richly.