Thanks for loyal support

Ian Wheeler, Steps to Health Pharmacy and Health shop

Things change but remain the same To all my loyal and faithful clients, I have sold Steps to Health Pharmacy and Health shop to the Medicare group.

They are also very community pharmacy orientated – where my ethos remains; “Health through Caring” the Customer comes First.

Judy Tunbridge, my partner of 15 years will stay on, as do all of my loyal and faithful staff (who are like family).

I wish to particularly thank Judy for her unwavering, solid and reliable support over the years, which allowed me to grow Pegasus in tandem with Steps.

Hope has been with me for 28 years, pharmacy assistant Fatima at the front shop for 20 years, Sue-Lynne the health shop manager for 10 years, JP at the herbal and homeopathic
dispensary for 12
years, Nonnie on
admin for 17 years, Barbara in receiving for 15 years, Ursula at the front shop for 10 years and Barry our driver for nine years. As with all my long-standing staff and health practitioners, the service will thus remain the same.

Steps to Health will become the 44th pharmacy within the Medicare group.
They will, however, offer even better support by means of purchasing power and admin support to the staff, allowing even better service. Judy will still be the manager and responsible pharmacist, guiding the team onwards, continually striving toward service excellence.

I wish to thank my clients most of which I consider friends, after 17 years of trade, within the community. I will miss retail pharmacy but while my energies and health blessings are good, I must follow my passion , that of natural medicines and my homeopa-
thic company, Pegasus.

There will be a handover period between March and May where I will still be “visible” to offer advice and say goodbye.

Many thanks and appreciation, to my loyal clientele, for the wonderful enduring support over the years.

The best in health wishes Go well.