Thanks for your kindness

Toni and Kevin Dyamond, Constantia

We would just like to
say a huge thank you, firstly, to the firefighters from Lakeside, Constantia and
Hout Bay fire departments, led by Sean Evans, for the exceptional service we received when our home burnt down on December 6 2019.

The fire was started by a huge voltage spike when load shedding was restored by Eskom at 12.12pm.

I heard glass breaking after a few minutes and ran into my kitchen to be met by flames leaping through the glass door.

The fire department was called at 12.21pm and arrived within 16 minutes with two fire trucks.

They worked furiously for two hours to extinguish the fire. We can never thank you enough for all you did to ensure the complete house did not burn to the ground.

We would also like to thank all our neighbours and the community surrounding Airlie Place for the kindness, generosity and support shown to us over this dreadful time.

We were inundated with offers from five different neighbours we have never even met offering us their homes while they were away for the holidays.

People arrived with food and drinks for friends and neighbours helping to salvage what we could over the entire weekend.

The one thing we have learnt from this horrific experience is just how kind our neighbourhood is and how lucky we are to live in such a caring community.

Sadly I can’t remember many of the names of these kind people in my state of shock.

The other thing we’d like to say is switch off your mains during
load shedding and
only switch it back on
a few minutes after Eskom has switched back on to ensure
this never happens to you.