The heart of a tree

Andre van Reenen, Kenilworth

I’ve been driving down Waterloo Road, Wynberg, for more than 20 odd years, and have noticed nothing unusual, except for the heritage buildings in the Chelsea Village with its beautiful character.

In stark contrast there has always been the traffic jams and not to mention the ill character of some taxi drivers, drivers on their cellphones, etc.

While taking our “laat lammetjie” to pre-school one day, she shouted from the back, “There’s a heart, that tree is in a shape of a heart.”

At first we (my daughters and I) thought, “What is this child talking about?” But, sure as can be, there stood this tree, among many other trees along Waterloo Road, in the perfect shape of a heart.

A year or so later, sure as can be, the tree still maintained its character and perfect shape.

Gia made me realise that despite the many things that went through our minds, that we should not be distracted by the hassle of traffic and ill characters of some road users, but rather, that we take out time and if we look hard enough, we will see love, firmly rooted, staring us square in the face. Also, our counsel may come from the least likeliest of sources.

What was more significant, was when I took the meaning of my family’s names, it gave me an emotional thrill.

Consider this then, while I was driving with Joy (my wife’s second name), Deniqua (morning star), Tiffiny (God’s divine presence), Gia (grace) showed me the tree (love).

The character and shape of this tree can only be seen come from the corner of Wolve and Waterloo roads, looking from the side of Wolve Road.