The ‘Piggymon Go’ adventure

Bella the pet pig interacts with dogs in Tokai Park after escaping from her home.

A pot belly pig has just been seen in the lower Tokai Forest. Very friendly. Seems to be someone’s pet.

So said a member of the Tokai Community Facebook group.

What followed was a curious game of “spot the pig” as users posted updates about where it had been sighted

The pig was indeed a pet. Her “aunt” said: “It’s my brother’s pig! Escape artist of note. I have informed him. On his way! Pig’s name is Bella. She is a rescue and my brother hasn’t got the heart to give her away even though she escapes and causes havoc.”

The pig spotters said Bella did seem to have first gone to the market – or passed it at the very least.

“(She came from the) zebra crossing near the flower sellers,” one said.

And while she didn’t have a penchant for roast beef, the gentle Bella did startle a few horses.

“Poor thing is also creating hassles for horse riders. Horses are naturally terrified of pigs so one wandering in the forest is a problem, sadly. It seems a weird fear … apparently going back to when pigs would hunt and kill horses,” said another member of the group.

While Bella’s owner traipsed through the park looking for her, users posted updates to help him along, making for for a kind of “Piggymon Go” experience: “I saw her about an hour ago trotting along the road at the Tokai end – she seemed to be following a jogger,” commented a group member helpfully.

Meanwhile, Bella by this time, had gone all the way home.

Her “aunt” said: “ She has just arrived home. Bashing down front door to get in hahaha. Sorry everyone.”