The vet cares for your pet

Gill Atkins, Diep River

In response to Annike McClarty’s letter (“Disappointed in vet,” Bulletin, September 1), I would just like to say that Peninsula Veterinary Clinic in Diep River has attended to my dogs for the last 12 or so years, and I have always found them to be a very compassionate and caring.

I had to have one of my dog’s put to sleep in an emergency and Dr Chris Clegg attended to it for me. What a caring and superb person he was and put my poor old boy out of his misery with dignity.

Not only did he treat my dog with kindness but also me in a very distraught state.

I am so surprised at this letter. It is certainly not the treatment I have had from a very professional veterinary practice.

The receptionists are included in my praise.

Stuart Buckley, Heathfield

I would just like to respond to your letter, that you wrote to the Bulletin complaining that Dr Clegg is more after your money than the care of your animal.

I beg to differ, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who will agree with me.

We are regulars at Peninsula Vet and have been clients for more than 10 years and they give the best service. When we come in with our puppies, whether it’s for their shots or they have eaten something, Dr Clegg is so welcoming and will even take the time to explain something to us.

When we bring our dogs in, he normally gets down to their level and will greet them (sometimes even before greeting us) and he would let them give him loads of kisses first before he even gets started.

All the vets at Peninsula Vet are wonderful vets. They are caring and go the extra mile for the smallest of creatures.

Yes, losing your pet is a very sad thing, and I hate to even think what you are going through, but remember their job is just as hard. Thank you to the whole team at Peninsula Vet. Keep doing what you do. You are brilliant.

Brenda Stevenson, Diep River

My heart goes out to Annike Mc Clarty, her family and to all the staff and doctors at Peninsula Veterinary Clinic following the passing of Pitch.

With the best of intentions medical procedures sometimes go awry. It is hard for us as pet owners to accept and likewise for doctors to explain.

Our grief overrides our rationality. We become angry and need to broadcast our emotions, but why it has to be printed in our local paper makes me angry.

I actually cannot understand why the Bulletin would join in the fight. As I would have expected, PVC responded in a dignified manner. Our family pets, two old dogs and a budgie, have received wonderful care at PVC for the last five years, and I feel the need to lodge my support for the people there and tell them to keep up the good work.

Sandra Bartlett, Lakeside

I was horrified to see the letter by A Mc Clarty regarding Dr Chris Clegg. Dr Clegg has treated many of my pets. He is a kind, caring, compassionate professional and for these reasons very popular.

I am disgusted that Ms Mc Clarty should suggest that money is more important to Peninsula Veterinary Hospital than caring for and taking ownership for what happened. To euthanise a pet is not an easy or fun task for any vet. It is obvious there can be complications as with any procedure. Dr Clegg euthanised my cat, Levi, and my dog, Lassie, and I will allow him to euthanise any of my pets that require it in the future.

If Ms Mc Clarty had taken her 13-year-old dog to Dr Clegg for treatment over his final years and gotten to know him she would realise the injustice she has done to Dr Clegg with her letter.

I live in Lakeside and have at least three other veterinary practices closer to me, but I drive to Diep River to Peninsula Veterinary Hospital because I have great faith in all three vets there. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Ms Mc Clarty, might I suggest that it is you that cares more about the money, as it is you who is making an issue of it and are trying to get treatment from a professional for free. Shame on you.

Chris Randle, Constantia Hills

Firstly I would like to offer my condolences to Mr and Ms Mc Clarty on the death of their dog, Pitch.

It is heartbreaking to lose an animal at any time, let alone under stressful circumstances, and I really empathise with your situation. Obviously, I cannot comment on the treatment he was given.

However, I would like to speak about Dr Clegg. We have been with Peninsula Veterinary Practice for many years and have always found the staff and the vets very professional. Our animals have been under the care of Dr Clegg since he joined some years ago. We have found him to be efficient, dedicated, compassionate and very caring.

Earlier this year, we had to have our beloved 14-year-old dog euthanised. Harry’s back legs were paralysed and his organs were failing. Dr Clegg and his assistant came out to our home to administer the drugs. We were very upset, but Chris handled the situation with the utmost professionalism and compassion towards both us and Harry. I will never forget his kindness and, while by no means wishing to trivialise your situation, I felt I had to mitigate on his behalf.

Sherri Farinha, Plumstead

Despite the best efforts of professionals, children fail, defendants are convicted, investments don’t pay off and patients die.

It’s sad and unfair but that’s life. To bad-mouth the professional concerned, in this instance Dr Clegg from Peninsula Veterinary Services, is uncalled for and to return gestures of apology simply churlish.

All our dogs have been patients at the practice at one time or another over the last 10 years, and we have never been disappointed in the level of care given to our pets or had any reason to doubt the vets’ competency or professionalism.

It seems Ms Mc Clarty is more concerned about the costs incurred than looking at the facts.

Lorraine and Neville Micklethwaite, Diep River

Our condolences to the Mc Clarty family on

the loss of their beloved dog, Pitch. It is very painful to lose a loved one.

However, having been through the same kind of loss, we have to commend Dr Chris Clegg on the way he treated our beautiful golden retriever, Calico. He was the kindest, most gentle vet. He is intuitive, brilliant and professional. At the end, he guided us through a farewell with deep understanding.

To disparage a man of such integrity is very undeserved and un- just.

Thank you Dr Clegg and the Peninsula Veterinary Clinic.

Rod Toerien, Constantia Hills

My condolences to the Mc Clarty family on the loss of their pet; it is always sad when

a friend goes.

Over the past 12 months, we too have lost two of our family pets; one suffering from lung cancer and the other, as with the Mc Clartys’ pet, chronic kidney failure.

In both instances, these two pets were treated by and ultimately euthanised by Dr Clegg.

Right through a few trying and sad days until the end, Dr Clegg was the most patient, compassion-ate and empathetic professional anyone could wish for.

The letter and statements by its writer are very emotional, but in content they are personal opinions that appear to be without foundation and any substantial medical knowledge whatsoever.

Statements made to family, friends and others when in an emotional state are usually hurtful, unfounded and untrue – and so, as the old adage goes, “put your brain into gear before you put your mouth into motion”.

Alison Gibbs, Constantia.

To Ms McClarty, I am so sorry, to you and your husband on the loss of your precious dog, Pitch. I must however, respond by saying that we have been taking our pets to Peninsula Vets for a number of years now. We have dealt with all the vets there and have only ever found them to be extremely professional and helpful.

Dr Clegg came to our home to put our beloved Kimba down. He had the entire heartbroken family there and could not have dealt with the situation any better or shown more empathy.

Again, I am so sorry to the McClarty family but it is important that people who read this paper know that there are also customers who are happy with the service they receive from Peninsula Vets