Thousands of people turn out for Zuma Must Fall protest

Thousands of people gathered to voice their concerns about Jacob Zuma, seen here at Kendal and Main roads.
Patrick Tapera, Irene Appollis and Phathezakhe David Mhlabeni voice their concerns.

Thousands of people heeded the call to join protests on Friday April 7, calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down.

Amidst a cacophony of car horns and cheers, people of all ages and racial groups joined hands to voice their concerns about corruption.

Asked to form a human chain within their community at 10am, from Simon’s Town to Cape Town, along the Main Road, flags flew in strong winds as thousands of people, many wearing black gathered along the road, holding hands with a festive, vibrant and yet determined drive.

Hand drawn banners and posters could be seen in shop windows, scrawled on cars and on T-shirts.

While people had been asked to spend 10 minutes protesting, one hour later many were there, persisting with their message, Zuma Must Fall.