Two women arrested for possession of stolen goods

Two women, who police believe to be part of a theft syndicate, were arrested as they left a Plumstead shopping centre on Monday afternoon.

The women, aged 37 and 46, were carrying stolen goods and home-made devices to deflect metal detectors, when they were arrested in Gabriel Road, at 5.30pm, said Diep River police spokesman, Constable Zak Marais,

According to the police, the women are known to use a dark-grey vehicle and have targeted malls in various suburbs in recent months. And there’s an outstanding arrest warrant for one of the women in Johannesburg.

One woman pushes a trolley while keeping a lookout for cameras and security guards, while the other steals from shoppers, say police.

Police say they also found food and clothing from other nearby shopping centres in the women’s car and security-cameras at those stores caught them stealing.

Police are investigating possible links to other cases.

* Police have arrested five men, aged 18 to 31, suspected of burgling a Plumstead home.

Diep River police were tipped off, on Thursday September 13, at 1pm, about a white vehicle seen driving slowly in Trent Road after a burglary nearby, according to Constable Marais.

SAPS and law enforcement officers stopped the vehicle on the corner of De Waal Road and the M5.

Three men fled on foot, but were later arrested, while the driver, together with a fifth suspect, sped off. They were later arrested on Racecourse Road, in Kenilworth.